Our Mission

The mission of ASLIA Qld is to promote awareness and recognition of the rights and responsibilities of interpreting practitioners.

What is interpreting?

Interpreting is a highly complex process requiring a high degree of linguistic, cognitive and technical skills to receive a message in one language and deliver it in another. An interpreter may deliver the interpreting in simultaneous or consecutive mode.

The profession of Auslan/English interpreting is a highly specialised field. Simply knowing both languages (Auslan and English) does not qualify a person as an interpreter. The interpreting task is complex. Interpreting demands enormous concentration and requires the ability to deconstruct and reconstruct the linguistic elements of two languages simultaneously, rapidly and accurately. Interpreters work as part of a multi-disciplinary, professional team. Some interpreters choose to specialise, obtaining specific competencies relating to a specialist area such as in the medical, legal, educational, employment or community sectors.

What do we do?

 The Australian Sign Language Interpreters Association (Queensland) exists to:

  • Promote recognition of theprofessional status of interpreters.
  • Promote, foster and improvethe art and professionalism of Auslan(Australian Sign Language) interpreters.
  • Assist in the upgrading ofinterpreting skills and the development of fluency in Auslan.
  • Maintain communication withconsumers/users and employers of interpreting services.
  • Protect the rights ofinterpreters.
  • Ensure compliance andadherence with a code of ethics for interpreters.
  • Support, advocate andprotect the rights of interpreters (in areas of health, personal safetyand working conditions).
  • Liaise and/or co-operatewith, or lobby any relevant government or other organisation, group orindividual in the pursuance of the association’s objectives and purposes.
  • Consult and/or collaboratewith organisations associated with Deaf people to promote closer liaisonbetween these bodies and to provide the means whereby ideas relating tothe deafness sector, or the interpreting industry, can be exchanged.
  • Collate, disseminate andprovide relevant information for ASLIAQ members.
  • Raise funds to further the objectives of ASLIAQ.